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5th-May-2011 11:15 am - It's exactly 1 year....
rain babies
It's exactly 1 year, 365 days to ....... THE WEDDING!!! 

Time really flies at an unbelievable speed and stops for no one.

With all the buzz from the Royal Wedding and going gaga over Kate Middelton's gorgeous and classy Alexander McQueen wedding dress

I have actually set my eyes on this beautifully laced bustier gown the last time I was at Whitelink. In my opinion, lace is timeless and classic. 
I am not a fan of swarovski  crystals and all the blings. The gorgeous gown will cost us an extra $800 on top of the package, it's apparently a designer range gown. =(

For now it's Project UK10 and Project Snow White to look my best 1 year from now.

Anyone can recommend whitening products that are effective??
19th-Apr-2011 02:30 pm - Wedding Accessories
just us
It's officially another 13 months to the Big Big Day.

We have checked off the major stuff on the list and left with the minor details to bother about when the date creeps closer.

Checked Checked Checked,

- Bridal Studios : WhiteLink

Daddy's close friend is the boss of Whitelink and we scored ourselves a pretty good deal with them.
They will be providing us with the wedding gown, evening gowns and pre-wedding shoot. They will also be throwing in MTM pants and suit for the groom together with car rental. ( we are still having 2nd thoughts about using their Mercedes for the wedding car)
On top of that, the package also includes the hand bouquet (they better not screw up this time), make up etc.

Anyone who is interested to engage Whitelink for their services can drop me an email. :)

- Actual Day Banquet: Holiday Inn Orchard Centre

I like the layout of the main ballroom with the hanging chandeliers and reflecting mirrors. Many brides have issues with pillars in the ballroom but not me. With 4 screens and 2 LCD TVs, I do not see that any problem with guests who can't see what's happening on the main stage. Reasonably priced and convenient location, what more can we ask for?

- Actual Day Photography and Videography

After much research and viewing of various vendors' works, we settled for peepshowmachine. I love how casual and easy going Lawrence is and is looking forward to having him capture the special moments on the Big Day! . Thanks to tiffanyx  for scoring us a really good price for quality work although in the end she had some one else to do her AD PG & VG.

Moving on to the minor details, wedding accessories like the bridal veil, hair accessory, bridal bouquet, corsages, the list just goes on.

I am very much a fan of floral & laces, and boy am I excited when KnottyBride featured Tessa Kim Bridal Accessories! I was so so in Love with the flowers and the netted hair accessories featured in the 2011 collection. The delicate designs will make brighten up the bride's look if she is not doing the all bun up look or bob hairstyle.

Good News is, KnottyBride is having a Giveaway, $100 credits to Tessa Kim 2011 collection right here!

Don't say I never share the good stuff! :) The Giveaway will be ending this Friday. :)

rain babies

2010 flew by just like that. A blink of an eye and we are already in 2011.


  • made a job switched which I think is one of the best move so far. My manager is one of the most dynamic woman who made a huge impact in my career progression. I am really grateful for her friendship and guidance. Although she has moved on, wishing her all the best in her new career!
  • bought my 1st LV bag, Gucci shades and Chanel studs. haha I maybe a late bloomer but it's better late than never. :)
  • Fitness wise, I have been committing well to the weekly yoga sessions.
  • 4 students to tutor = more money to go into the savings account
  • made new friends, The Tuesday Girls! you girls are awesome and many more years to come!

  •  I got married (registered in the eyes of Singapore Law) to the finest man on earth who takes all my nonsense and mood swings
  • Better understanding and loving each other more each day
  • Decided on our wedding venue and paid the deposit
  • Bali in July
Rest and Relax like the royalty, loved the villa with private pool
  • Bangkok in Nov
Shop, Shop and Shop!
  • Melaka in Dec
Short Trip to Melaka with hubby's company. definitely not one of the best trip but hubby is always there to make it better

All in all, 2010 has been a blast!

2011 resolutions

  • to shed 10-15 kgs to look absolutely HOT for my upcoming wedding shots
  • to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • to work really really hard for a promotion next year
  • to save and have at least 50k for our new home and the upcoming wedding
Not a far fetched list of resolutions and I am aiming to achieve all of them in 2011~

Happy New Year to all!

P.S I really should work on the backlogs of posts. >.<
23rd-Sep-2010 09:45 am - I miss you, Butter
rain babies
Butter is a fighter but he lost. Fuck the demon who took his fragile life.
He was still very much active and happily nomming on his food at 10pm when Kat saw him.He was still very much alive and gave Kat that super duper cute look. :(
By the time i was back at 11pm, he was there, lifeless, lying there, breathing really hard. gave him a gentle nudge and he didn't respond. The usual him will be running around and trying to avoid my touch. he's not the touchy touchy kind.
Something is definitely very wrong.
He was in a really bad shape when i took him out of his cage but I could tell he wants to live. Even with the minimal strength left in him, he still could scratch behind his ears and try to move around. Tried feeding him water but it didn't really help.
Seeing him in so much pain is really heart wrenching. I couldn't stop crying.
Waking up at every hour in the night and hearing him scream in pain didn't really help. I kept telling him, it's ok to go and I promise not to cry and will keep him close to my heart.
Finally in the wee hours of the night, 409am to be exact. He lost the battle and breathed his last breath.
Part of me is glad that his sufferings is over but part of me can't bear to part with him.
Tears wells up in my eyes when I think of him. I can't stop the tears from flowing when I look at his empty cage.


Butter you are dearly missed and forever remembered.
I miss you, are u missing me too?
8th-Sep-2010 03:08 pm(no subject)
rain babies

Stay tuned for more photos and details!
1st-Sep-2010 11:00 am(no subject)
just us
It has been awhile since I last checked out the progress of our lovenest.
Max loves driving round just to check out the progress. haha cheap thrill.
Seeing our block progressing to 11th storey did spark alittle excitement in me!


*Credits to Punggol Forum
rain babies
How can someone bear to hit something so cute and adorable?
Even if it's not cute, it's also not right to do that.
If you cannot tolerate the pee, poo and all, then don't even buy the pet?
SPCA should do something to this people.

As for the guy who killed the Pomeranian, he deserves a harsher punishment!
Sign the petition here.
rain babies
Came across this article and realized after being together for awhile very often we will take each other for granted. Being together for coming 4 years, we have been through different phases. From online gaming friends to chat friends to friends to close friends  to dating to seeing each other to getting engaged and now legally married. 4 years is a not a long time but our relationship has grown and mature tremendously over such a short period of time. He's neither the brightness nor richest but his love for me is definitely the richest. I am really fortunate to have him in my life and like in my vows " I promise to love him till the end of my life"
I have learnt to give in and compromise and also pretty much toned down my stubborn, obnoxious and " I am always right" attitude. I still have alot to learn and room to improve my attitude.

When our love nest is ready, I have the intention to replicate this article and have it stuck on my fridge door as a constant reminder to keep the spark glowing infinitely.

Here's the article,

Make your relationship work

All you need is love, right? Wrong! It takes a whole lot more to make a relationship work

Sally Brampton

If there is one area in our lives where most of us struggle, it’s relationships. That’s the bad news. The good news is that they can be improved. It takes hard work, but anybody who says, “If you have to work at it, it’s not worth it”, is probably in denial or an unreconstructed romantic in search of Miss or Mr Right — who, guess what, they never succeed in finding.

With two failed marriages behind me (I’m now, happily, on my third), I take an intense personal interest. We learn how to have relationships from our parents, and some of us are taught rather better than others. My early lessons were not good and, eventually, I was in such despair that I took myself off to therapy to learn how to undo some of my more destructive habits and responses. I am still learning and I still get things wrong (old habits die hard), but one thing I do know is that negative behaviours aren’t written in stone.

Recently, I was having dinner with a girlfriend who has the best marriage I’ve ever seen. She and her husband like each other and laugh a lot, but it can’t simply be put down to good luck, right man, right woman. Perhaps that’s why I study them with more than forensic interest. At dinner, she was telling a story about her mother: “I was so angry when I put down the phone, I had to call a friend and unload before he came home so I didn’t dump it all over him.”

Unloading high emotion or anger before my husband walks through the door had simply never occurred to me (as I say, a rubbish early education), so it struck like an epiphany that it’s not so much what those friends do, as what they don’t, that makes their marriage work. Call it reverse psychology. It’s all very well to be told to be gentler, kinder or more tolerant, but such well-intentioned instructions are so wildly abstract that they are close to meaningless. Understanding what we shouldn’t do, rather than what we should, might provide a better and more useful insight. In that spirit, I made my own list of 10 relationship no-no’s.

1.  Don’t blame somebody else for the way that we feel

We have to take responsibility for our own emotions, rather than handing them over to our intimate other. And we should not confuse their emotions with our own. Say our other half comes home and yells at us about something inconsequential because they’re stressed at work. Our first response is to take it personally and feel aggrieved. Better to take a step back and look at what’s really bothering them. A little empathy, a simple question — “Are you okay?” — can defuse a potential row in a way that hostility met by hostility never can.


2.  Don’t to try to change the other person

In trying to change someone, we’re playing the “if only” game, as in, “if only you were tidier/more sociable/less complaining/more generous, our relationship would be fabulous”. We cannot change other people. All we can change is our own responses and behaviour. That doesn’t make us total wimps, nor does it mean we can’t ask for what we want or need. We can, but as adults, not as children. Adults explain, children complain, which takes us straight to rule No 3.


3. Don’t use the word ‘you’, replace it with the word ‘I’

Take charge of your own feelings, as in, “I feel this when you do that”, rather than, “You did this and made me feel that way”. Say your husband (or wife; bad behaviour is gender-free) never helps out around the house. We can explain that we’d like it if they helped more, or we can complain that they never help, which takes us to rule No 4.


4.  Ban the words ‘never’ and ‘always’


They are almost always accusatory, as in, “you never empty the dishwasher” or “you always forget my birthday”. Add a jabbing finger and you have almost definitely moved into blame territory. Along with blame comes criticism and its bitchy close relation, contempt — both are poisonous to a relationship. If there are sticking points that can’t seem to get resolved, appeal to somebody’s good nature — “I wish you’d remember my birthday, it really upsets me when you don’t” is far more likely to result in ribbons and roses than snide comments about selective memory, just as contemptuous remarks about how remarkable it is that dishwashers load themselves are far more likely to mean you end up with a sink full of dirty plates.


5.  Don’t be defensive

It’s simply another form of blame, as in “it’s not my fault” (it’s yours). Trying to see another person’s point of view is not stepping down, it’s stepping forward. It is not a sign of weakness but of strength. It takes generosity to put ourselves in another’s shoes, and if relationships thrive on any single gesture, it is to take our personal feelings out of the situation and show generosity.


6 . Don’t sulk or stonewall

Men are particularly good at this; usually on the pretext they are “just keeping their head down”. Silence can be a form of punishment (as hostile in its own way as noisy anger) and refusing to engage makes conciliation impossible.


7 . Don’t keep a battle going

Learn to accept an apology as well as to apologise, not necessarily for the action (sometimes we are right to be angry), but for the situation: “I’m sorry we had such a silly quarrel”.


8 . Don’t make assumptions about other people’s behaviour

How can we learn not to do this? By stopping and asking ourselves a few simple questions: “How do I know if that’s really true? Am I overdramatising this?” We might, for example, assume somebody is late because they don’t care, whereas the truth is that they can be late for any number of reasons that have nothing to do with us. Other forms of mind-reading include expecting other people to fulfil our wants and needs without stating them clearly (“he/she should know”) and are based on yet another assumption: “If he/she loved me, he/she would know.” Nobody, however intimate, is clairvoyant.


9 . Don’t be controlling

Your other half might be rubbish at cooking, but constant interference is not going to make them any better. People are imperfect, even the ones we love, and control is a form of game-playing. If you set somebody up, they will almost always fail. One game couples like to play is withholding affection or sex, but the real casualty, often fatally wounded, is the relationship, as both people draw further apart. Another form of game-playing is victim. “I was only trying to help” is a subtle, manipulative form of control.


10 . Have good manners

Not in the sense of frigid politeness (which can be as riddled with contempt as outright insults), but as in treating your other half as you would your closest friends: with respect, affection and tolerance. If there’s one thing that has always struck me about those friends with a good marriage, it is that they are unfailingly considerate of each other. If you can do all that, you’re a better creature than I am, but what I can truly say is that I try. Where there’s a will or, to paraphrase, a willingness, there’s almost always a way.

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